Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel

Here at Three Brothers LLC, we always want to put a custom touch on your kitchen remodel, the way you envision! We pride ourselves on tackling the projects that other companies shy away from, we don’t believe in a one size fits all solution and some competitors are looking for a fast job with a quick profit, and we believe in a process where our homeowners, their vision and budget are our focus.

We want to build something that we can stand beside you and know you’re getting exactly what you have your heart set on!! Whether you want a specific slab of marble or granite for your countertop, sourced locally, or if you want something a bit more original and eclectic shipped in from the west coast, we will make it happen!! If you want to create a multi-purpose space with custom lighting and rearranging walls for your breakfast bar or larger dining area for entertaining guests, we will put in the work and walk through every step with you!! If you just want to facelift your backsplash and put in some custom cabinets to accent a new paint job for the rest of the kitchen, we will talk to you about the best options for your budget to bring it to fruition!! Natural lighting with skylights that open and close for fresh air flow and ventilation during holiday celebrations or special occasions is a great option to put some life into those dreary hot kitchens!! And adding a custom-built island to create more space for food preparation always looks good on a new tile or LVP floor!!

Long story short, we want to be there with you to talk about the possibilities of your dream kitchen and how we can turn it into a reality from start to finish!! Give us a call to schedule your complimentary evaluation and estimate today!!”

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